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Pentagram Amulet Tet Rag Ram Mat On Pewter Necklace - Nickle Free!

Pentagram Amulet Tet Rag Ram Mat On Pewter Necklace - Nickle Free!

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Detailed Description

The Pentagram is an ancient symbol most commonly associated with Wicca and Neo-paganism. This Pentagram is inscribed with "Tet Rag Ram Mat On" which is ancient Hebrew for the unspeakable and most powerful name of God. These words are found in the mystical Cabbala and offer powerful protection against unwanted influence and evil.  Please note the white area of the image is open space and not a solid part of the necklace. Pewter Pendant comes with adjustable black corded necklace. Pendant and Necklace are 100% Nickle Free!

The Pentagram is a five pointed star that has been used around the world by differing spiritual practices. It has an ancient history dating back more than 5,000 years! It has had differing meanings for different cultures all around the world.
Early Christians had it representing the five sense and the 5 wounds of Christ, it had meaning to the 5 virtues of knighthood, and Taoists conceived a representation of the 5 elements of Wood,Fire,Earth,Metal, and Water. A powerful and ancient symbol often misunderstood, Today it still holds great meaning for many people around the world most notably Wiccans and Neopagans. Today the 5 points tend to represent the 5 elements of Air, Wind, Fire, and Water, with the upward point meaning Spirit, Light, or Nature, ( really all one in the same) The pentagram is a symbol that has been used for good for thousands of years.

Pewter pendant comes with black corded adjustable necklace. Made of fine pewter. All material, including necklace is 100% nickle free. Pendant is removable from necklace if you desire to put it on a different necklace. Necklace can be worn at any adjustment, wear it long or as a choker maybe somewhere in the middle, whatever your style, adjusting these is easy and can be done on the move without missing a beat! Each piece comes carded and sealed.

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